Photographs provided by RYAN JOHNSON and SUSAN ALLEN

Beachsweep LBI is a non-profit specifically designed to educate and unify the community of all ages through environmental action. We aim to have the widest spanning beach sweep in our local area and to correctly dispose of as much collected trash as we possibly can. Meet business owners, tradespeople, educators, and fellow locals that have the same dedication and love for our local community and environment. Bring the kids, your local school, church, club, anyone that cares about our beautiful shoreline. Every ounce makes a difference! All the event info and sign up can be found on the event tab here on the website.

“Deep down, we know our souls need something wild, something dangerous, something that makes us feel alive.  The sea does that.  It’s the last untamed place on earth.”
— Dr. Peter Kreeft

What is the beach to you? To some it’s the salt air, the sand between your toes, the muffled sound of waves crashing that you can literally feel. It can even be fleeting moments of nostalgia from long ago with those long gone. The ocean is potentially the most powerful force over all living things on this earth but, it can be hurt. Oceanic pollution is a silent and deadly killer, as the stewards of this Earth we have a duty to protect our environment. The ocean is our home, our lifeblood its the common ground that can unify the world, it’s been overlooked for too long. Take the step, make the change and most importantly have fun!